JSON Serialisation of Circular References

Circular references make me cringe and shudder. Its not that they are bad per se, its what we do with them that counts. Now, the .NET garbage collector avoids memory issues with destroying circular references and we don’t have to worry as much as days of yore, though I still can’t help the shudder. I […]

Enable ES6 support in VS code

I’ve recently been playing with koa.js – which happens to lean on ES6 features quite heavily. Also using this as an opportunity to learn to use VS Code. Loving both tools incidentally. Code supports ES6 nicely, however you do need to configure your working directory to tell the IDE that you want to use it. […]

Container Lifetime and web requests

I recently encountered a strange issue with a WCF service I’m helping to develop. Subsequent requests to a service operation was returning the same results, regardless of input. When debugging this service in Visual Studio it worked fine (using the internal web server), but as soon as I deployed it to a staging environment (IIS […]

Getting Started With WCF over SSL

AIMS: · To create an IIS Application that is accessed over SSL. · Use the Wcf Test Client to connect and verify the service is running YOU WILL NEED: · SELFSSL7.exe available here: http://www.iisinformation.com/2010/05/self-signing-ssl-for-iis7-selfssl7/ · IIS instance installed locally · Sufficient access to install certificates in root certificate authority store STEPS Self Signed Certificate Installation […]